Wednesday, April 28, 2010

heART Update (And Tech Demo)

heART, I've gotten a lot done. I've finished up the first 2 areas, cave and grass (well, grass first) and 80% Done with the Forest Sector. After that I'll be posting the tech demo here (of the three areas) and send it to those wanting it on YoYo. To keep you guys excited, here's a screenshot of the new Forest Area.

Promotional Image!

Monday, April 26, 2010

heART (Update)

Yes. I'm still working on it. The reason it's going so slowly is because procedural generation takes a fuckin' long time to do for each level. Each level is like, 1000x1000. Then 12 (Yes, the final number) levels. Yeah. It's still here. Just trekking along. S l O w L y Yeah. I've completed the entire first grass stage. And working on the procedural generation for the first cave, and working on accesorizing (spikes, fences, background) for the forest level.


Hack and Slash!

I've just started my long-term Story Driven Hack'n Slash! Check out the official thread here by clicking this weirdly colored sentence fragment.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Walker, Symphony, and other shtuff.

First, an old project I dug up and finished up has been released on YYG and GameJolt, and I don't know how, but everyone loves it. It has 5/5 stars on both sites.
Link: GameJolt

Symphony. I'm remaking it. Firstly, I'm recreating the entire game from scratch, in CODE and not D&D. Secondly, I'm changing up the script, and redesigning how the game will be made, since I wont have the 10mb and lame screensize and control restrictions since it's not for a competition.

As for heART. Not sure about it.

Me and QOG are working on a shooter together. It's turning out quite well.
Check out some concept art I made for it. You can look at progress photos on HIS Blog, by clicking his name above.

And That's been my week. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Diminish Featured (Again!)

Diminish made it into the Weekend Download again on JIG! I should be getting more plays for it. This is awesome Link below.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Created in a few hours for Aprils EGP (My Serious Entry)

It was made for the repeat theme in which I created a harder version of my game, Becca, and had you cycle through 3 lives, of the same 3 rooms. (repeating? Get it?) However each life represents a different age, teen, adult, elderly. Depending on how you end the game, you get 1 of 4 endings.

Once again, for my lovely girlfriend Rebecca.

Link -