Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Walker, Symphony, and other shtuff.

First, an old project I dug up and finished up has been released on YYG and GameJolt, and I don't know how, but everyone loves it. It has 5/5 stars on both sites.
Link: GameJolt

Symphony. I'm remaking it. Firstly, I'm recreating the entire game from scratch, in CODE and not D&D. Secondly, I'm changing up the script, and redesigning how the game will be made, since I wont have the 10mb and lame screensize and control restrictions since it's not for a competition.

As for heART. Not sure about it.

Me and QOG are working on a shooter together. It's turning out quite well.
Check out some concept art I made for it. You can look at progress photos on HIS Blog, by clicking his name above.

And That's been my week. Thanks for reading!

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