Wednesday, May 5, 2010

60 Minute Heart Winners!

Alright, here's the winners. Firstly, I promised 3 winners... But. I got a total of 4 entrants. 1 Was not a game. Making all three win... And, I excluded the puzzle in which you put together hearts because, well, it... wasn't very good. I'll include the link to it anyway because I promised three...


2nd Place goes to Heart Attack! I found the effects in the game pretty nice, but the graphics didn't quite fit with the effects, and the music was atrocious. The gameplay was nice, and the movement with the acceleration seemed like it would work, but no sliding motion was applied when you let go of "W" that it just didnt quite fit. I give this game a 4/5 Do to it having nice elements, but overall, needs alot of work. Still, I have to say, it's nice for a 60 minute game, so that bumps it from the average 3/5 to 4/5.

1st Place goes to Love Song! Twas nice, and the music was great! it lagged a bit. I would have liked it if the player graphics fit more into the game, or if he/she had a glow like everything else. I think it would be more fluid if the edges of the platforms and the blurry effects were the same color, so it gave a more blurrier edge look, and not just a glow. :\ However, this game is alot for 60 minutes. I give it a 5/5.


Love Song -
Heart Attack -

LINK DETAILS: (1st two games need a PC to run, while the last game needs a UNITY Plugin.)

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