Sunday, February 28, 2010


Dissipate is still racking up downloads. It's currently reached a total of 1003 Plays, consisting of 943 Downloads, and 60 QuickPlays on GameJolt. I'm so excited, and I can check off another mark off of my 2010 Goals list.

x Get Featured on a popular indie game site
x Get 1000 Plays on any game
- Get featured on YoYoGames/GameJolt

Hopefully with the closing of the Jam (GameJolt) Features, or with my new sequel to Dissipate that is in progress I can finally check off the final Goal

I figured I should list some great quotes people have given, that I already haven't listed.

"Dissipate is amazing. ^.^ And hard ._."

"Very nice. I like the gameplay and the idea that it doesn't follow the "get to the door each time" routine. I wish it was longer, but it was epic nonetheless."

"The game itself was very nice, though. Hence the 4/5 rating."

"Flawless gameplay (no glitches), simple fun, and a nice way to stimulate your brain. Fans of Lab 14 will feel right at home."

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