Saturday, February 27, 2010


I'm proud to announce that my newest (and most popular) game was featured a few hours ago on JAYISGAMES.COM And is racking up 2 plays a minute. I'm incredibly proud, and hope to get to my 1000 goal of a game this week. I'm checking things off my list of 2010 Goals.
x Get featured on a large Indie Gaming Site.
- Get 1000 plays total

Link to the article (Placed Second on their favorite 3) - LINK

Quote of Review :
"The only non-shmup of the bunch, Dissipate is a crazy-difficult platform game whose puzzles come in the form of riddles. Each single-screen level begins with a proverb. Read the words, then play the level and use the clues given by the riddle to beat the level. Expect some crazy things to happen, like your controls being switched around, exit doors not really being exits, and solutions to certain levels being, well, jumping into a pit of spikes. A great change of pace from your typical platform game."

Thanks so much. Later today, the game was featured on FREEWAREHUB.NET and a link to my games featuring was posted on CASUALGAMEBLOGS.COM


Click to play Weekend Download

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